Best Time for Birding in Guatemala

Guatemala is a spectacular tourism destination, where birding can be done all year around; but we suggest the following seasons for an even greater experience.

Species abundance : March – April

  • High bird activity
  • Main breeding season for resident birds
  • Molted plumage in Neartic migrants

Resident bird specialties

  • April -September
  • Breeding and nesting season
  • High abundance of flying insects that optimize the chances of watching birds while they are feeding 

Neartic Migrant Arrival: September – March

  • High neartic bird activity
  • Opportunity for seeing East and West Coast Neartic Migrant that stays at Guatemala and the ones that only use the country as a rest stop.  

The Guatemala Bird Watching Roundtable was formed in February 2004 by a group of private and public institutions that shared the vision to develop the bird watching tourism segment in Guatemala and to position the country as a world-wide known destination for birding. The Roundtable defined then the National Bird Watching Strategy which is the driving document regarding the development for such activity.

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