Guatemalan Biodiversity

The Guatemala Bird Watching Roundtable was formed in February 2004 by a group of private and public institutions that shared the vision to develop the bird watching tourism segment in Guatemala and to position the country as a world-wide known destination for birding.

The Roundtable defined then the National Bird Watching Strategy which is the driving document regarding the development for such activity.

Five-year Vision Statement

In 2009, Guatemala is internationally known as World-class Destination for Bird Watching, where throughout the year there are organized opportunities for watching resident and migratory bird species (in tours, expeditions, congress, festivals, bird counts, and others). Besides generating income for the country, bird watching tourism generates jobs and income for the Guatemalan tourism industry, providing important income and direct benefits to rural communities and conservation areas in the country.

General Objetive

To develop competitively the bird watching potential that Guatemala holds, as a strategy to generate income for rural communities, increase income and conserve our natural and cultural patrimony.

The Bird Watching Roundtable has 5 working commissions with specific objectives in each in order to reach the general objective. These commissions are:

  1. Inter-institutional coordination and financial management for the enforcement of the National Bird Watching Tourism Strategy.
  2. Development of bird watching products and services in order to generate a competitive offer under international standards.
  3. Education and training
  4. Promotion and marketing
  5. Research

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